Special Orders
Special Orders
Find that special item
As a special service provided to our most demanding customers, we are glad to offer the exclusive "special order" service.

If you need to get a hold on a Maghrebi publication not listed in our catalog, you can place a special order for it with Ketabook.com

We will then search for it within our network of distributors, publishers, authors etc, locate it, and ship it straight to your mailbox.

In case we do not find the item you requested within a time frame you specify in advance, we will drop the search.  Whenever possible, we will propose a "substitute" or a closely related item (a book that covers the same subject in the case of a book order) for your approval.  You will also have the option to extend the search period if you so desire, 4 weeks being the maximum total search period.

In addition to the price of the book, a special charge is assigned to this personalized service.  Ketabook.com guarantees that you will only be billed after we find and ship the product you have ordered.  If after conducting our research, we do not find the product you requested, you will never be billed for the service.
The Procedure
To place your special order, simply click on the 'Place Your Order' link on this page and fill in the order form.  A first confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide.  Upon receipt of that email, we will ask you to simply hit the 'Reply' button, and then send it back to us, as a final confirmation of your order.  We then begin our search for your product.

The fee for this personalized service is a 20% additional charge on the price of the item.  Please note that we will only bill you if we find and ship the item you ordered.  Ketabook.com does not guarantee the availability of 'Special Orders.'
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