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Acquiring books from the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia in particular) posed until now many problems both for librarians and for the specialists of the region, particularly in the western world. One reason for this is the ambiguous identity of the Maghreb itself.  Where do you go for books about the Maghreb?  To Middle-Eastern publishers?  To Africanist bookstores?  To France, the former colonizer?  Another reason for this is the still prevailing idea among many of these that books about North Africa could be obtained in France by virtue of the cultural legacy inherited from the colonial era. This presumption disregards the enormous changes witnessed by the region since the independence of its countries more than forty years ago. In fact, not only has the region witnessed an unprecedented upsurge of academic production in all fields, it has also been the theatre of an intense publishing activity. If French continues to be largely used by the westernized elite, particularly in literature, more and more Maghrebis are expressing themselves in Arabic, the national language of the three countries, and the principal medium of university education. In fact, at present the books published in France about the Maghreb represent less than 5% of the total production about the region.

You will be amazed to discover that, in the field of publishing, a country like Morocco can now easily measure up to countries like Egypt or Lebanon not only in terms of quantity but also and particularly in quality.

The goal of Ketabook.com, the first online bookstore of the Maghreb, is to provide in the first place books published in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia to libraries and institutions of scholarship and research at affordable costs and with a maximum of e-technology efficiency.

Being academics ourselves with years of university service in the field of humanities and social sciences and enjoying close relations with the publishing circles in the region, we put our experience at the service of the academic community and the specialized libraries throughout the world. Our clients include prestigious institutions such as Oxford University, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, or Georgetown University.

Our website catalog will show the richness of the scholarly production in the region, especially by bringing forth the production of small or provincial publishers who rarely have the means to reach out to the wider market in the big cities. Besides publications in French, we will also include in our catalog books in Arabic, many of which are reprints of the old 19th century lithograph press, or editions of books which have until now existed in a manuscript form only.

We invite you to get in touch with us directly at info@ketabook.com if you need personalized solutions to your particular library and academic needs.


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