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Abedelfattah KILITO

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Abdelfattah Kilito is a well known Moroccan writer. He was born in Rabat in 1945 and received an education that combined both classical Arabic and modern French literature. 

Reading Kilito is both a pleasure and an adventure. “Kilito dares the reader to travel with him, riding over the frontiers between fiction and reality, between literary criticism and storytelling. He is a writer with his own personal library; a reader who invents an imaginary present out of fragments drawn from the past.”  

In his work, both critical studies and fiction, Kilito chooses to write in Arabic or French depending on the intended reader or audience. He doesn’t translate his own writing, unlike some authors, nor does he code-switch, using Arabic for one genre and French for another. Nor has he abandoned one for the other at different times. 

Some of the awards Kilito has won are the Great Moroccan Award (1989), the Atlas Award (1996), the French Academy Award (le prix du Rayonnement de la langue Française) (1996) and Sultan Al Owais Prize for Criticism and Literature Studies (2006).