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French filmmaker explores the music of Morocco. Part 1 - the North

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Three friends, Nouamane Lahlou- a rock rtar and producer of Morocco; Hassan Hakmoun a master Gnawa musician and our friend Laurent LeGall a film director and producer based in San Rafael (California), meet in Casablanca to travel the length of Morocco in search of experiencing its music first hand and personally.

Laurent says, "we seek to understand the historic and modern importance of these cities, while experiencing it through the ‘People’ story, one told through it’s arts, culture music."

Part I - The North

Starting in the metropolis of Casablanca the team travels north to Tangiers at the tip of Africa and across from Spain. The music of the Amazir people draw them to the Rif mountains to the painted city of Chefchaouen, the jewel of the Rif mountains.


VOYAGER 706 - Morocco ‘Gateway to Africa’ - The North from Tantra on Vimeo.

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