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Approval Plans + Blanket Orders for libraries

Approval plans and blanket orders are methods of acquiring library materials whereby we help select and automatically ship books to your library, based upon profiles established in advance by you.

The best libraries use our Approval Plan service to start and keep building their scholarly collections on the Middle East, North Africa, and Maghreb. Our clients include prestigious institutions such as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the University of Melbourne in AustraliaCornell University, or the University of Illinois at Chicago in the United States.

The benefits are multiple:

1 |  Fast - Automatic fulfillment

2 |  Efficient - Acquire limited edition publications before they’re out           

3 |  Customizable - You specify the profile and subject scope

4 |  Less Red Tape - Custom budgeting and payment

|  Advanced search and filtering + Search by publisher 

There are many misconceptions around approval plans, but ultimately they are a discovery mechanism that help you find the right books for your library. The approval plan is essentially a discovery tool that acts as the primary filter between the vast number of books published each year and the delivery of those books to you, no matter which acquisition model you choose.

Sample Subject Scope

Arabic literature (modern, Andalusia, criticism, modern history, politics).

New editions (2015 and above) of Arabic and French literature and criticism by Moroccan writers.

  1. Modern literature of all genres. Emphasis is on acquiring all works by major authors.
  2. Biography, Bibliography and Criticism of Arab authors of all periods in Arabic and French by Moroccan writers.

Every day, our bibliographers examine hundreds of titles with book in hand, and match titles based on a profile set forth by your library - saving your staff time and money. Titles that fall within your library and collection's profile are set aside and shipped directly to you. You decide on the budget and frequency of delivery. It's that easy!

"Print books purchased by individual selectors circulate as well as those acquired through an approval plan." - KSUL findings, 2013

Finally, you won't have to worry about returns; the expertise of our bibliographers is put to full use to ensure a low return rate.

Please contact our head bibliographer directly to initiate the conversation. We would be happy to work on personalized solutions to your particular library and academic needs.