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About Us | كتب من المغرب العربي

We take the word Maghreb ('where the sun sets' in Arabic) seriously.  Even our offices are located on two West coasts, the North African and North American.

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Being academics with decades of university service globally in the field of humanities and social sciences and enjoying close relations with the publishing circles in the Maghreb (or Maghrib), we put our experience at the service of the academic community and the specialized libraries throughout the world. Our clients include prestigious institutions such as Oxford University, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and Georgetown University.

In addition to our professional library services, our website catalog shows the richness of the scholarly production in the region, and brings forth the production of small or provincial publishers who rarely have the means to reach out to the wider market. We also offer book reprints of 19th century lithograph press, and editions which have until now existed in a manuscript form only.

We invite you to get in touch with us directly at info (at) ketabook (dot) com if you need personalized solutions to your particular library and academic needs.
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KETABOOK SF  |  535 Mission Street  |  San Francisco  |  CA 94104
 KETABOOK HQ  |  BP 5633 Ennahda  |  Rabat 10120  |  MOROCCO
+212 665 74 22 01  |  info (at) ketabook (dot) com