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Do you carry out approval plans and blanket orders?

We would be happy to fulfill your approval plans and blanket orders and have been doing so with several prestigious libraries around the world.  Contact our head researcher directly or call us at +212 665 74 22 01 (international rates apply) to discuss your particular acquisition needs.


Can Ketabook advise me on how to build a core collection on Morocco and North Africa?

Yes, is run by a team of experienced academics who can advise you about the state of North African publications, the basics to the different fields of the humanities and social sciences, and where to get the resources you need if they are not out of print.


I do not read Arabic, how can I choose books published in that language?

Every one of our books details' pages contains a short translation of the title and a description of the subject covered.  Simply click on the title of the book or periodical to access the details.  If you need more information about an item, do not hesitate to contact us.


If a newly published book does not figure on your database can you help me get it?

Yes, we are able to tell you whether that item is available or not, and how you can acquire it from Ketabook or from another bookshop.


What basic reference works on North Africa should a university library have?

The key tools a researcher needs are:

  1. Manuscript catalogs of the main North African libraries (public and private)
  2. Biographical dictionaries
  3. Classical historical texts
  4. Basic religious works on Malikism which is the dominant theological school in North and West Africa

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What are the 3 advantages of subscribing to periodicals through Ketabook?

1. We help you acquire issues that are missing in your collection.

2. We provide advice, and help you acquire whole collections of a particular periodical (depending on availability).

3. We act as your subscriber before selected periodicals so that you get every new issue without having to bear exorbitant subscription rates imposed on institutions.


Will I have to pay for my periodical subscription in advance?

With Ketabook you will not have to pay before you receive your first issue of the periodical subscription you ordered.


What are my payment options?

For personal orders, we accept credit cards and bank wires. For libraries and research institutions, we also accept bank checks and direct check deposits. Contact us for more information.


Can I pay by bank check?

Yes, if you are a library or academic institution. Make your check payable to "ketabook " and mail it to: Ketabook - BP 6803 RABAT AL IRFANE, RABAT 10112, MOROCCO.


Is it safe to use my credit card?

Absolutely. Our website connection is fully encrypted and our payment gateway uses a secure SSL encryption platform to keep your sensitive information safe. While on a secure page, the lock icon in the URL window on your web browser becomes locked. Feel free to click on it for more information. Finally, we authorize but do not charge your credit card until the order has shipped.


What about my personal information privacy?

At Ketabook, we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Our site is a safe environment for anyone who visits and purchases. Your information is stored safely on our servers and will never be shared with a third party without your consent.


How much do I have to pay for shipping and handling?

It will depend on the destination and on the weight of your order. Shipping costs between Morocco and Europe are slightly cheaper than those required for North America. Shipping cost per pound/kilo decreases as the total weight increases. We do not overcharge or make any profit from shipping costs. They are applied to the order exactly as they come from the logistics carrier.


When will my order arrive?

It varies depending in availability. Please keep in mind that international shipping takes longer than the domestic one.  We typically use Air Mail as the standard shipping option to insure quick and reliable delivery.  To reduce your shipping costs, you can choose to ship using Surface Mail if shipping speed is not a priority.  As an example, shipments from Morocco will take about 2 weeks to reach a typical U.S. destination, or about 6 days for Europe. For small and urgent orders, you can always opt for a rapid courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL), which are quicker, but more costly.


Can I cancel or change an order after it has been submitted?

Yes. All you need to do is login to your Ketabook account and cancel it or send us an email as soon as you can. We do not charge your credit card until the order has been shipped. We cannot alter an order once it has entered the shipping process. Be sure to include your name, email address, order confirmation number, if available, and the product you want to cancel/change (including title, author, and any other information you have).


How do I contact

Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button on the bottom right corner at any point, or click here to contact us and tell us your concern, and we'll be in touch with you shortly.


Do you carry rare, secondhand, and out-of-print books?

Yes, we're proud to offer a number of rare, secondhand, out-of-print, and reprints of old books. Contact us directly if you cannot find the item you are looking for on this website.