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Librarians أمناء المكتبات

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Acquiring books and other educational material from the Maghreb (or Maghrib) is simplified for scholars and libraries interested in North Africa and the Islamic West, no matter where they happen to be.  No need to go through the Library of Congress (MECAP) or commission a "buyer" to make that long and expensive yearly acquisition trip.

At you will find...
1 | Books, Periodicals, & Rare Books at your fingertips, only a click away
 2 | Blanket Order & Approval Plans facilitation for libraries
 3 | FREE Academic Assistance & Counseling to help you build up your collection
 4 | Special Orders for hard to find items
 5 | Easy Ordering & Discounts for libraries and institutions
 6 | An Order Fill Rate of over 98%
 7 | 'Up to the Minute' Pricing for your Budget Planning


Contact us now. Let's start working together on a personalized plan for your particular library and academic needs.

We also invite you to check our Librarian's Frequently Asked Questions section for immediate information and guidance.