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What's happening in the Rif? (Northern Morocco)

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rif protest explained at ketabook

The long history of the Rif's rebellious spirit.

The Rif, the northern mountain region of Morocco with a long history of rebellion, has been the center of a protest movement for eight months. It has exposed divides: between developed coastal cities and a neglected, resentful interior; between young people eager to challenge authority and an older generation fearful of change; and between an all-powerful monarchy and a street movement with no traditional leaders. Learn more about this fascinating region and its people.

Explore the Rif through the books...


Intifadat al rif 58 / 59 | Testimony on the Rif uprising of 1958 - 1959 by one of its leaders.

Les Jbala du Rif | Historical and anthroplogical studies on rural scholars in the Moroccan Rif. 

Al-Zill Al Warif fi Muharabat Al Rif | History of the Rif revolution against the Spanish (1921-1926). Rare.

Abd-el-Krim: origine de la rébellion nord-africaine (hard cover) | Reprint of the 1958 classic on the Rif war in Morocco by Pierre Fontaine.




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