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Ketabook:Nous les femmes, vous les hommes! (2014),Soumaya Naamane Guessous

Soumaya Naamane Guessous

Nous les femmes, vous les hommes! (2014)

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Gender issues in Morocco and the Arab world. The famous author and sociologist shares her vision of the evolution of relations between men and women, the way she meticulously observed them during the past two decades. A field work, with poignant testimonies on often unpublished or taboo subjects: love and sex before marriage, virginity, choice of spouse, wedding night ritual, wedding ceremonies, the couple's relationship, seduction, conflicts, children...  The  stories are shared with humor and derision, to highlight behaviors and paradigms denoting multiple paradoxes that are unavoidable in a society that has undergone changes too fast.  Soumaya's "We women, you men" will be followed by three other books on equally exciting topics.

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