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Université Mohamed V, Rabat

HESPÉRIS-TAMUDA (Annual Subscription)

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The academic journal Hespéris was founded in 1921 by the French colonial administration through the Institut des Hautes Etudes Marocaines. In 1959 the balance sheet of this publication totaled 47 volumes, with one or more issues per year containing background articles, historical and geographical studies, as well as unpublished documents. The Spanish protectorate authorities in the north had created a similar review entitled Tamuda, which published in Spanish texts of the same nature and scope.

After the independence of Morocco and the creation of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Rabat in 1957,  Hespéris was merged with Tamuda,  thus giving birth to the new Hespéris-Tamuda. It was the beginning of an academic and multidisciplinary journal devoted to the study of Morocco, its history, society, and culture, but extending its scope to the Islamic west in general, including Muslim Spain.  

With the adoption of a new strategy based on openness to other fields of research in the human and social sciences, Morocco’s premium academic journal has been put on the rails of international indexing, as was the case recently with Thomson Reuters Web of Science Core Collection located in Philadelphia, USA.

Since 2016 this periodical has also been selected to feature in the products and services of Clarivate Analytics. More recently (2023) the journal integrated the Scopus  abstract and citation index, thus  making it one of the few Arab and African journals to gain this international academic standing.

Periodicity: 1 - 3 / year

Full Yearly Subscription: $380.00 + shipping.

Most back issues are available: $42.00 per volume + shipping.

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