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Al fikr al sufi al tijani  الفكر الصوفي التجاني في المغرب Outba'azzit, Saadia Ketabook

Outba'azzit, Saadia

Al fikr al sufi al tijani الفكر الصوفي التجاني في المغرب

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The tijani school of sufism in Morocco, 2 volumes.

"A very nice book which gives a general overview of one of the fastest growing sufi tariqahs in the modern world. The author gives an analysis of the development of the religious ideas and points of view of the tijaniyyah, some of which have made them a little controversial to some people. Her work is very categorized, and in two volumes. This is not like other books which simply give a historical development of the group itself, but an examination of the evolution of the spiritual viewpoints many of which are unique to the tijanis. The book has quite a bit of detail and is very researched. I recommend it for anyone seeking more of an understanding of the spiritual ideology of the tijani tariqah."

Review by Michael Kidd

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