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Ketabook:La vie des sénégalais au Maroc, 2016,Demba Mbaye, Papa

Demba Mbaye, Papa

La vie des sénégalais au Maroc, 2016

$ 12.00

An indictment against racism suffered by Sub-Saharan Africans in Morocco.

The author relates his travels in Morocco: trips marked by a fruitless job search in different cities of the Kingdom, and what prompted the author, a teacher by training, to engage in street trade for a living. The second part of the book is dedicated to the Senegalese people in Morocco. Where he tells real stories about his countrymen and other Sub-Saharans.

Throughout his book, the author also provides advice to Sub-Saharans, to their parents and to African leaders. He also urges Moroccans to overcome some racist behavior.  The author crowns his essay with an imaginary tale.

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