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Zamane (Arabic Edition) Magazine Zamane Ketabook

Magazine Zamane

Zamane (Arabic Edition)

$ 18.00

This is the Arabic edition of the illustrated Zamane magazine. The editorial content of the Arabic edition is entirely different from the French.

Zamane is the first and only history magazine in Morocco and North Africa. Contributors to the magazine, which usually runs over 100 pages, include researchers and professors from Morocco, and sometimes from other countries. The magazine is rich in imagery, photographs and drawings, many of which come from private collections or the personal archives of historians. Zamane states its goal as the preservation of contemporary Moroccan history, from pre-history to the present, and the promotion of the country's history to those who are irritated with official and curricular historiography. 

Periodicity: 12 issues / year. 

Annual subscription: $280.00 + shipping costs (ships every two months).

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