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Ketabook:La femme d'Ijoukak,Serfaty; Christine Daure

Serfaty; Christine Daure

La femme d'Ijoukak

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Novel: souvenirs from the Atlas villages, from the deep Morocco of the pre-independence years...

We are at Ijoukak, a town near Amizmiz lost in the steep cliffs of the High Atlas. Mathilde, the daughter of a former civil controller of the protectorate in the region, twenty-nine years after her family left Morocco in the aftermath of the independence, comes from Marrakesh where she lives, looking for memories of her childhood in Ijoukak. "I decided to return to the valley because I had spoken with him." He is the man she met in Paris and who told her, without further explanation, that he lived there and that he intends to go back to build a house and live there.

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